Hollysys: Building the core product of electric fan control

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Hollysys: Building the core product of electric fan control

Faced with the rapid development of the wind power industry, Beijing Hollysys relied on its strong R&D strength and productization capabilities, as well as the technological advantages accumulated in the automation industry over the years, and entered the wind power control field in 2008, and used completely independently developed controllers. And drive products, successfully launched electronic control solutions such as wind turbine main control and pitch system.

   Beijing Hollysys is an automation manufacturer that can independently develop and manufacture various advanced control systems and platforms in China, and provide professional solutions for multiple industries. After more than 10 years of rapid and steady development, Hollysys has now become a banner of China's local automation industry. The domestically-made DCS system used for the first time in China's 600,000 kW coal-fired power generation units came from Hollysys. Not only in the field of thermal power, but also in the fields of nuclear power and wind power, Hollysys’ core products, DCS and PLC, have been widely used, and have won high recognition from customers for their advanced and reliable product quality.

  At the recent Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (CWP), Hollysys exhibited the latest wind turbine master control system and pitch system solutions, as well as wind power real-time monitoring SCADA system. Ying Rongliang, deputy manager of the wind power project department of Beijing Hollysys Automation Drive Technology Co., Ltd., said in an on-site interview, "Compared with international competitors, our products and solutions are designed for the application of wind farms in China. Being closer to local customers is our advantage."

   Compared with other automation products, the wind power industry has stricter requirements for automation products. As the most core control system of the wind turbine, the electric control system of wind turbines has special requirements in terms of reliability, safety level, compatibility, and anti-interference. Therefore, it is difficult for domestic automation companies to intervene, but Hollysys broke this monopoly.
  As the largest manufacturer of automation control systems in China, Hollysys' products are very rich and its business involves more than a dozen industries, so it has strong technical strength. Relying on its strength and self-confidence, Hollysys has been committed to becoming an expert in wind turbine electronic control since the beginning of its entry into the wind power industry, providing domestic and foreign customers with professional, safe and powerful wind turbine electronic control systems and products.
Ying Rongliang said that from the CPU module to various functional modules, from the backplane to the pitch drive, from the on-site monitoring system to the main controller programming software, this series of core products for wind turbine electronic control, Hollysys provide. Using Hollysys' full set of products or solutions can not only bring customers a cost advantage, but also provide more guarantee in terms of supply and service. More importantly, Hollysys’ products are seamlessly connected, which greatly facilitates customer applications and greatly improves the reliability of the system.
   Although Hollysys has entered the wind turbine electric control system market for a relatively short time compared with international manufacturers, it has already established the banner of China's independent wind turbine electric control system in the industry. Ying Rongliang said, "We continue to discover and explore customer needs, continuously improve and perfect our products, and have achieved good market performance. We can win the trust of customers with technology, quality and service."

   "In the future, in addition to continuing to strengthen cooperation with domestic complete machine manufacturers and owners, we will also strive to open up and transform the market."
Ying Rongliang explained that the fans in 2006 and 2007 have now passed the after-sales service period, and some electronic control system problems are slowly exposed. To find the original foreign manufacturer to implement the system transformation, both in terms of time and cost, requires a high cost; even because of product upgrades and other reasons, the original foreign manufacturer is unwilling to accept the transformation business. But Hollysys can help customers analyze problems and use its own technology and product advantages to update and transform the problematic system to help customers save costs and improve operational efficiency.